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17 April 1993  The first Carey Family Association meeting London

9 June 2013   The birth of Eve Carey Edwards, (x6 great-granddaughter of William Carey), in Sydney Australia,  first daughter of Jeff (Jabez line) and Amanda

4 August 2013 Cousins David Rogers and James Edwards (x5 great-grandsons of William Carey – Jabez line) take part in the inaugural Ride London 100 Mile bike ride for charity

14 August 2013  100th birthday of Norman Angus McKenna (Felix line)

17 August 2013 Official launch of the new Carey Family Network website

3 October 2013 The death of Norman Angus McKenna, x4 great-grandson of William Carey (Felix line)

Obituary of Norman Angus McKenna b. 14/08/1913 d.03/10/2013

 Norman Angus McKenna, the only son of Angus Ridyard, was descended directly from Lucy Penney, William Carey’s granddaughter on the Felix line. Norman died on October 3rd 2013, only a few weeks after his 100th birthday celebrations.

He was an exceptional man, with both the memory and the energy of his illustrious ancestor. He gained a scholarship to Oxford to read chemistry, most of his working life being spent with ICI.  In his final year at Oxford, he wrote a book on electro chemistry which was published by Macmillan.  Being something of an impresario, he organised operas in stately homes, a pageant in his village of Corfe Castle, and a successful tour of Scandinavia by the Glyndebourne Opera Touring Company for which he was awarded an MBE. During his long retirement, he wrote a Norwegian Saga, a book on St Paul, and another on Jesus. He also spent 20 years researching and writing a book on great collectors. He taught himself Italian, German, French, Norwegian and Swedish, learned to play the harpsichord and commissioned a copy of a 17th century Ruckers  instrument built by Michael Johnson at his workshops in Dorset. He also gave generous donations towards the hanging of church bells and the village library, now manned by volunteers.

     Norman enjoyed almost perfect health, and toured most of Europe in his camper van into his ninth decade. Shortly after his 95th birthday he became less mobile and needed living in carers for the next five years. During his few weeks in hospital he wrote his memoirs. These have been lavishly illustrated and published in book form by his son, John McKenna who lives in Australia.

    Like his forebear, William Carey, Norman was driven, not to bring Christianity into a wider world, but to achieve academically and socially. He had an overriding interest in fine arts and gained the respect and admiration of his village. He was also kept up close links with his college at Oxford being feted as their oldest alumni member.

     His wife, Monica McKenna, nee Coote, six years his senior, died at their home in Corfe Castle in 1993. Norman was a resourceful and capable widower with many interests, seriously addicted to his word processor and his camper van. He leaves a son John McKenna, and a daughter Shally Hunt, four granddaughters, and seven great grandchildren.

6 October 2013  Annabel Imogen Alice Shepherd was christened at the Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul, Godalming.  Annabel is the granddaughter of Jeannette Ellison (neé Carey – Jabez line). Photos can be seen on the photo page where she is pictured after her christening with her parents, James and Trish (neé Ellison) Shepherd and her brothers, William (aged 7½  years ) and Tom (aged 5 years).
The Christening Service followed the Harvest Festival Service in the church, hence two of the children are holding apples.  At Annabel’s Christening Service the nave of the church was filled with family and friends, including 33 children and babies.  After the service we all went to a local Community Hall for a party to celebrate both Annabel’s christening and her second birthday, which was four days previously, on October 2nd.  The cake, also pictured, was made by her paternal grandfather.

17 December 2014  The birth of Daisy Jacqueline Rogers  (x6 great-granddaughter of William Carey), in London, first daughter of Dave (Jabez line) and Kyla Rogers of Poole, Dorset

16 April 2015  The birth of Annabelle Grace Edwards  (x6 great-granddaughter of William Carey), in Sydney Australia,  second daughter of Jeff (Jabez line) and Amanda