Friends Of Serampore

Serampore College was founded in 1818 by William Carey, Joshua Marshman and William Ward to give an education in Arts and Science to students of every ‘caste, colour or country’ and to train a ministry for the growing Church in India.

Today, in a combination of subjects unique in India, nearly a hundred and fifty Theology students from a very wide range of denominations and a score of languages study alongside three thousand in the Arts-Science-Commerce department, which is affiliated to Calcutta University.

Friends of Serampore provides a link for those who wish to support the College with their interest and prayers. Members receive a yearly newsletter. For many years we have subscribed to a number of journals for the library and we try to raise at least £2000 per year to support fully, one Theology member of staff, but the needs are great.

Friends of Serampore has existed since the 1960s and has been run by former missionaries who had worked at the College. It is now run by 2 ‘children’ of the above who spent part of their childhoods growing up at the College. We have a wide range of members, all with some interest or link with Serampore, who wish to support one of the greatest and most historic of India’s Christian institutions, which still has a vital and unique role to play, under Carey’s motto – “expect great things from God, attempt great things for God”.

Friends of Serampore Newsletter October 2013

The newsletter is made up of news received from Serampore College and from a member who visited earlier in the year.

The  Principal, Dr Laltluangliana Khiangte wrote: “We celebrated all our important days happily……….India’s Independence Day 15.08.13; Carey Day 17.08.13 – a good number of students and admirers of William Carey had a procession to the Cemetery where the Principal delivered a message and some of the leaders of the Baptist Missionary Society came to share our joys in the day’s programme; Carey Sunday 18.08.13 – visitors from China were entertained”

Dr Khiangte also wrote about the Serampore College Convocation being hosted by Serampore College 4-9th February 2014 where they will be hosting 1500 graduates, Council members, senators and other guests.

They are appealing to friends and partners of Serampore College to support with prayers and giving as there will be major expenses for accommodation, catering, erecting a stage and Shamiana, providing a good sound system and transportation.

A member or FoS gave an account of a day’s visit to Serampore where she spoke of being warmly welcomed by the Principal and his staff. She reports the church built by Carey is still very much alive in Serampore and proud of its great history.

She visited the college library, Carey Museum and walked through the streets of Serampore to ‘the beautifully kept graveyard where Carey and many of his family and colleagues still lie’