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Recommended books about William Carey – the first Baptist Missionary in India – 1761-1834

Travel with William Carey: by Paul Pease. Day One publications. First printed 2005. An illustrated guide about William Carey’s life. Excellent for those who want to do The Carey Trail in Northamptonshire. The Carey family house in Moulton is now a little museum.

William Carey by S Pearce Carey: The Wakeman Trust London. Written in the 1920’s it is a full and beautifully researched hagiography.

William Carey by Mary Drewery: a well written and researched biography first published in 1978 by Hodder and Stoughton.

Dorothy Carey – The Tragic and Untold Story of Mrs William Carey: by James R. Beck. 1992. Baker House Books, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49516. A moving account of Dorothy’s mental illness while serving in the missionary cause of Christ.

The Journal and Selected Letters of William Carey by Terry G. Carter. Smyth & Helwys Publishing Inc. Through letters from Dr William Carey to his family and colleagues, including excerpts from his diary, the reader gains an insight into William’s inner thoughts, beliefs, and doubts. Published in 2000

Family Letters of Dr. William Carey: by Sunil Kumar Chatterjee. These are letters to and from his family. Published by Carey Library and Research Centre, Serampore College 2002

Felix Carey (A Tiger Tamed): by Sunilkumar Chatterjee – 1991. Short biography.

Hannah Marshman – The First Woman Missionary in India. Self published by Sri Sunil Chatterjee in 1987. Interesting excerpts from Hannah’s diaries.

William Carey and Serampore : 2nd edition published in 2004 by Sunil Kumar Chatterjee in Serampore. A social history of the works of the Mission in Serampore.

William Carey, Missionary and Botanist: by Keith Farrer. Published by the Carey Baptist Grammar School, Kew, Victoria, Australia in 2005. Known as a pioneering Christian missionary in India, Dr William Carey achieved international recognition in the field of horticulture, and became a member of the Linnaean Society.

Prisoner of Hope: by bestselling author Shally Hunt. A well researched biography about Felix Carey, William Carey’s eldest son to whom the author is related. Historically marginalised, Felix’s tragic and colourful story needed to be told. Reviewed in the February 8th 2013 edition of The Baptist Times. For copies email: cthrnhnt ( at )